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Free Stuff For Women’s Health, Fitness and Nutrition

Grants, Loans and Help from the Government for Women Only!

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  • Free Care At 22 Hospitals For Kids
  • Grant Money For Children With Hearing Loss
  • Free Private Eye And Mediation For Missing Children
  • Free Trained Dogs, Travel and Air Fare For Sightless
  • Free Alcohol And Drug Abuse Treatment
  • Free Wheel Chairs
  • Free Dental Care For Seniors and Disabled
  • Make $38,000 and Get Free Health Care For Your Kids
  • Free Morning After Hotline To Eliminate A Pregnancy
  • Emergency Contraceptive Pill Available Without  A Prescription
  • Free Immunizations For Your Kids
  • Low Cost Immunizations For Travelers
  • Free Help to Fight Your Insurance Company
  • 30% Of all Families Are Eligible For Free Health Insurance
  • Grants For Transplant Patients
  • Free Health Insurance Counseling
  • Money For People With Disabilities To Buy Vans
  • Free Dental Care For Kids And Seniors
  • Discounts On Bicycle Helmets
  • $5 For STD Tests
  • Free Computers For People With Disabilities
  • Free Eye Care
  • How To Solve Insurance And Money Problems For Cancer Patients
  • Learn How To Be Your Own Health Care Advocate
  • Free Speech Therapy For Toddlers
  • Free Flu Shots
  • Free Nutritional Quiz
  • Watching Your Weight Can Help Prevent Breast  Cancer
  • How To Use the Internet To
  • Free Wigs For Breast Cancer Patients
  • Free Legal Assistance For Battered Women
  • Hotline Locates Wondering Alzheimer’s Patients
  • Ask A Dietitian Hotline
  • How To Find An OB/GYN, Pediatrician, Nurse -Midwife, Birthcenter
  • Free Database Search Of 650,000 Doctors
  • Find Out, FOR FREE, If You Have Diabetes
  • Free Air Travel To Needed Medical Care
  • Free Counseling And Emotional Support When You Have Cancer
  • Free Home Care And Child Care Cancer Patients
  • Grants and Loans For Adoptions
  • Free Money & Drugs For Kidney Patients
  • Free Summer Camp For Kids With Cancer,
  • Kidney Disease, or Asthma
  • Free Hotels For Cancer Patients
  • Free Child Care When Getting Mammograms And Pap Smears
  • Free Outpatient Psychiatric Services
  • Free 10-Minutes-A-Day Fitness Book
  • Video For Moms Who Fear Child Soccer Injuries
  •  Find Resources and Treatment Information for Cancer
  • $5.00 Confidential GYN Exams For Teens
  • $2,500 Grant For Adoptions
  • An Extra $1,000 From Social Security
  • How To Prevent, Stop And Treat Melanoma
  • Plus Much More!


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