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Who Gets Free Government Grants, Loans And Contracts?

Each Year Over 1 Million Businesses and Entrepreneurs Get Grant and Loan Money From The Government AND YOU CAN TOO . The smartest entrepreneurs relied on Government money for their business success including:

  • George W. Bush…
    Over $200 million grant to build a stadium for his baseball team
  • Dick Cheney…
    Over $3 billion in government loans and contracts when he was running Halliburton
  • Paul Newman…
    Government grants to sell his salad dressing overseas
  • H. Ross Perot…
    Government contracts worth billions
  • Donald Trump…
    First $1 million deal was with a government property in Cincinnati
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  • Com 200+ federal grants and loan programs
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  • Names, addresses and phone numbers of the contact people
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  • Hot links to email addresses and Web sites for each program
  • All you do is fill out the money applications and mail them in
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